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Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Da Best Study Ever!!!

My first kuliah is on the sunday!!! hahahaha.... Its really2 weird bcoz sepanjang aq dowk kt kl x pernah2 dpat blaja hari ahad n cuti time hari jumaat... but i've to get used it from now.. Da first kuliah je dah best gler!!! Aq just wondering why almost a lot of student didn't like to go matrix sdgkn ckgu kt cni lebih fleksibel dari universiti??? n another one why they keep saying that matriculation study is really hard sdgkan our study is little bit deeper fron SPM syllabus.. x pe... dyeowg yang rugi kan???? my opinion still same.. Matrix system more flexible than universiti...otherwise i really like to study here because i'm a lazy girl so if i saw someone studying i will get involve too... jealous... mne bleyh, dyeowg je nk pandai, kte nk pandai gak kn??? hehehehe..

n seriously, dulu aq kte physic is a tough subject n now i'm taking science physic course and its really easy and easy to understand and not like biology!!! huhuhuhu... goodbye biology n i'm very sorry to all my biology teacher(sedangkan ade dua orang je pon akap macam ramai) and really a great thanks bcoz taught me with a high motivation..  dulu kat sepang selalu dapat cikgu perempuan je, skrg kat matrix majoriti lecterur yg ajar kuliah aq smuanye MAN!! hahaha... x lar ngantok sangat, and smua lecterur kt cni mmg smua sporting n thinking like us termasuk pengarah skali... its really2 fun here....

sampai cni jelar coretan aq kt cni...really miss my sepang's friend n hope u all study hard to achieve your ambition...

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