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Ahad, 19 Jun 2011

Chemistry+ Physic+ Scxience computer + Agama + MUET

today for the first tyme in my life i'm debating english luive in my tutorial class!!! my words kind a bit rubbish and talking nonsence.. yeah, dats me like to talking nonsence.... hahahaha.. last night when i studied chemistry and physic it remind how lazy i am when teacher was teaching,  i was sleeping at behind..huahuahua... seriously i really love to study here but sometimes when u see sumone with their old friend and talking about their past story at the old school, serious i'm not lying its kind of sad but nevermind... its better not to many of my friend here or i  will not study.... its really chalengging here when i've live here almost for a month... now i really seen sape rajin study and sape x rajin study... and for the firsty time in my life i stay up in late of da nite!!!!!! anyway, just wanna say gudluck to Ana Almunawwarah dat is ur turn now to go study at Maktab Perguruan...

Rasekan ye Ana... hehehehhe... kteowg dah lalui... heeee.... To Odah and Leya, I'm really sorry for words at FB that hve hurt u all... its okay if u dun wanna talk or mcg me anymore just reply me dat u've forgive me...... Dats all 4 today.....

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